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Criminal Legal Aid Resources

Criminal Legal Aid Resources

This section includes papers, reports, studies, management and delivery tools related to criminal legal aid

The paper „Lives of Trouble: Criminal Offending and the Problems of Everyday Life” was written by Abe Currie.
The paper „Demand Induced Supply? Identifying Cost Drivers in Criminal Defence Work” was written by Professor Ed Cape and Professor Richard Moorhead.
The paper „Beyond lawyering. How holistic representation makes for good policy, better lawyers and more satisfied clients” was written by Robin G. Steinberg, Executive Director, The Bronx Defenders.
The paper „Common (Dollars and) Sense: Seventeen Strategies for Good Relations With Indigent Defense Funders” was written by John Stuart, Minnesota State Public Defender.
The paper „Alternative strategies for public defenders and assigned counsel”, by Mark H. Moore presents new strategic ideas for public defenders.
The report „Evaluation of the public defender service in England and Wales”, by Lee Bridges, Ed Cape, Paul Fenn, Anona Mitchell, Richard Moorhead and Avrom Sherr presents the findings of the independent evaluation of the Public Defender Service in England and Wales.