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European Court of Human Rights

European Court of Human Rights

This section contains briefs and links to the European Court of Human Rights case-law related to defence rights, including legal aid and other related rights

The applicant, Hasan Demirkaya, complained that he had been interrogated without the assistance of a lawyer
The applicant is a Russian national who is currently serving a prison sentence in the Irkutsk Region (Russia).
The applicant was granted legal aid for the purpose of lodging a cassation appeal with the Supreme Administrative Court, against a decision by which she was refused a monthly social assistance benefit.
The applicants, Vyacheslav Sharkunov and Aleksey Mezentsev, are Russian nationals who are currently serving prison sentences for murder in the Kurgan Region (Russia).
The applicant, Aleksandr Lopata, is a Russian national who was convicted for the murder of D., his daughter’s friend.
The applicant was charged and convicted for murdering his wife.
In January 2001, the applicant, Mr. Dayanan who is a Turkish national, was arrested and remanded in custody during operations against Hizbullah, an illegal armed organization.
In December 1998 the applicant was arrested on suspicion of aggravated robbery.
On July 2002 the applicant was arrested and remanded on custody on suspicion of tax evasion.
The applicant, Daniel Sobolewski is currently serving prison sentence in Poland, for fraud.