The APT today co-signed a letter sent to European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding, urging the Commission to take steps aimed at reducing the excessive periods of time people spend in pre-trial detention and to increase the use of alternatives.

The Union is a unique construction, as it is not bound together by force, by a common army or a common police force, but only by the strength of the rule of law - a "Community based on the rule of law" where all Member States need to be concerned if there are any deficiencies in the independence, efficiency or quality of the justice system in another Member State.

Government to announce significant concessions on unpopular parts of proposals in attempt to make reforms more acceptable.

EU Member States have 2 months to implement a new law guaranteeing suspects the right to translation and interpretation.

These are times of significant change for county jails and justice systems.

The research was carried out through a standardized questionnaire put together by a number of HHC experts.

I have been somewhat skeptical about the application of impact evaluations to justice reform activities but I’m coming around to their utility for a limited – yet important – set of questions.

The UN Human Rights Committee has called for proper members against torture or ill-treatment by the police, and to protect judges’ independence. It expresses concern over reports of politically motivated trials, in particular, that of Yulia Tymoshenko.

Supreme Court agrees that letting judges determine compensation threatens legal aid system.

Lawyers from 19 Member States have now participated in a major Fair Trials International project (funded by the European Commission) to improve the standards of defence rights within the European Union. Over the past six months, Fair Trials has hosted four meetings (in Budapest, Vilnius, Paris and London) for lawyers to discuss ways in which the EU’s new laws on procedural rights might be used to address systemic barriers to justice – ranging from concerns about the independence of police interpreters to defence lawyers being denied crucial information.