Fair Trials’ interactive map shows the varying standards of defence rights across Europe. Teodora Godinca-Herlea, a Romanian lawyer and participant in our Young Defenders training programme, writes about what this means for her clients:

Criminal legal aid can sustain at most only 300 firms rather than the current 1,600 in the sector, a leader at a national criminal aid firm has predicted, warning that ‘significant consolidation’ is needed in the face of falling levels of work and cuts in fees.

More than 20,000 people received free secondary legal assistance during the last third quarter of 2013, the Information-analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

The Cayman Islands government will seek once again to reform the system used to provide attorneys to indigent defendants in criminal cases and participants in some civil court cases.

Victoria Legal Aid has tripled the loss it made last year, recording a $9.3 million deficit despite slashing the number of people it will grant free legal help and its own staff.

Dunedin's community of independent criminal lawyers is diminishing because of a lack of work.

As the “Data Revolution” takes shape, Multilateral Development Banks, the UN, and IMF have already begun to improve their collaboration on development data.

The Madras High Court bench here on Monday directed the Superintendent of Tiruchi Central Prison and a life convict to submit reports on “the lapses in the mechanism of providing free legal aid” to prisoners by the Legal Aid Services Authority.

Jail overcrowding is an ongoing hot-button issue, with local governments and communities all across the country dealing with a lack of funds and resources to manage the growing prison population.

For millions of people around the world, human rights violations are part and parcel of everyday life. Sexual violence, discrimination in housing, unwarranted dismissal from employment, unfair evictions, denial of child support, and police harassment are only a few such violations.